Dechlorinating Shower Filter and Massage Shower Head

Dechlorinating Shower Filter and Massage Shower Head


This specially-formulated KDF filter media effectively removes 90% or more of chlorine from shower water.

Chlorine is an inorganic substance that chemically bonds to the protein in our hair and skin, destroying its natural ecological balance. It's fine for removing stains in your laundry, but chlorine can leave your hair dry, brittle, and make your skin flaky and itchy.

Chlorine can also trigger negative reactions in children, the elderly, and people with chlorine sensitivity.

There have been studies showing that it is best to remove chlorine from your drinking water, so why not do the same with your showering water?

Because of this unit's superior chlorine removal, you will see changes in the way your hair and skin feel including...
- Healthier, younger-looking skin
- Softer, more manageable hair
- Relief from dry skin & scalp
- Less fading on color-treated hair

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