Detox Bundle

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Detox Bundle


The #DruglessDetox bundle is based off of Biotics Research’s bio-detoxification program. It can be scheduled as a 10 or 21 day cycle. We have listed all of the products that you need for the program, but each of them are also available individually on our website, too. Please specify leave a comment during the checkout process if you would like 1A or 1B. (This bundle receives free shipping).


Step 1 (Either A or B, Do for 7 Days) 


1A. Acute

-Intenzyme Forte

-Bio Allay



1B. Chronic


-Bromelain Plus CLA



Step 2- Thorough Cleansing (Lasts between 10-21 days, depending on how long you decide) 



-Bio Detox Pack       


-Pea Protein Isolate       


For more information on detoxification, please go here


To view the instruction infographic, please go here