Dr. Bob's Coffee-Original Blend

Dr. Bob's Coffee-Original Blend


The best cup of coffee you will ever have. Better yet, it's half-regular, half-decaf!

Dr. Bob loves a good party, he is Italian after all. After the main course has been cleared, there is always a silent anticipation when Dr. Bob asks, “Who wants coffee?”

Your ears perk up as you hear the grinding of the beans, the pouring of the reverse osmosis water, and the subsequent slow-drip. Because you adhere to Dr. Bob’s wisdom, you don’t have any allergies, or runny nose, so you can enjoy the hint of hazelnut’s arrival into the room.  When the coffee has finished brewing, it may take the appearance of regular coffee, but your taste buds aren’t fooled, rather, they’re rejoicing.

About Dr. Bob Coffee:
Original Blend
- Organic
- Fair Trade
- Half Regular Half Decaffeinated
- Colombian Beans
- Roasted With Hazelnuts

Best Use:
Mornings: Breakfast Buddy, Morning Commute Companion, and Meeting’s Maven
Afternoons: “Tea Time” Rival
Evenings: Post-Dinner Dialogue

Dr. Bob Coffee not only makes the perfect cup of coffee, but also the perfect:
-birthday treat –housewarming present –event swag –new client gift

Twitter: @drbobcoffee

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