Natural Whole Body Deodorant

Natural Whole Body Deodorant


The safest and most effective all natural deodorant for men, women, teens and seniors. This is the most natural, the safest and best deodorant made. Our product is handmilled and contains only the best quality and most natural ingredients. This product has natural anti-bacterial ingredients that will protect you from underarm odors. Contains no harmful chemicals, dyes, or fragrance. This formula is for men and women who want natural, effective protection from underarm odors. If any perspiration occurs while using this deodorant; you will be amazed to find that you will be odor free.


Natural Ingredients: Young coconut water, pure arrowroot, pure cornstarch, pure baking soda, tapioca flour, cold pressed coconut oil, natural cocoa butter, rice flour flax seed oil, tea tree oil, bee propolis, vitamin E, pure bees wax, plus lots of time, thought care and love in the mix!

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