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Adrenal Stress Index: Includes Consult

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Adrenal Stress Index: Includes Consult


The Adrenal Stress Index (ASI) panel was introduced by Diagnos-Techs in 1989 to evaluate stress.


This is a simple, non-invasive test utilizing four saliva samples collected at specified time periods during the day.  


Since the human adrenal gland does not secrete its steroid hormones at a constant level throughout the day, the ASI provides the clinician with a comprehensive assessment of adrenal function throughout the daily cycle.


The ASI panels consists of ten saliva tests:
Cortisol (x4), 17-OH Progesterone, DHEA/DHEA-S, Insulin (x2), Gliadin Ab, Secretory IgA


Upon purchase of this exam, you are able to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Bob to discuss your results.


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