Biomega-3 Liquid

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Biomega-3 Liquid


Biomega-3 Liquid is a marine lipid concentrate derived from anchovies and sardines sourced following the strict standards of the European Union (EU). This concentrated supplement supplies 1400 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per does, including 740 mg EPA and 360 mg of DHA, beneficial compounds for brain, cardiovascular, dermal functioning, and down-regulation of pro-inflammatory mediators.

The Biomega-3 Liquid was initially formulated as a component of the Control-IT Weight Management Program, due to the high dose of omega-3 fatty acids necessary for weight management. Due to the popularity of this supplement, mainly because of its pleasant lemon flavor and ease of use, Biomega-3 Liquid is now available for individual purchase.

For optimal shelf life, refrigerate product after opening.

Product Size: 6.8 fl. oz.



-Dry Skin

-Blood Health

-Thinning Hair


-Hormone Imbalance

-Hormonal Headache