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Estrogen Metabolism Assessment

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Estrogen Metabolism Assessment


Assessing the 2/16 Ratio in Estrogen Metabolism

The Estrogen Metabolism Assessment™ is a convenient, at-home urinary collection profile. This targeted hormone assessment measures select hydroxyestrogens:

- 16α-hydroxyestrone (16α-OH E1)

- 2-hydroxyestrone and 2-hydroxyestradiol (2-OHE1 + 2-OHE2)

The ratio of 2/16 hydroxyestrogens is calculated based on these results.

Why use the Estrogen Metabolism Assessment Profile?

Estrogen metabolism and the ratio of 2-hydroxyestrogens to 16α-hydroxyestrone has been used to identify patients at risk for cancer and other hormone-related diseases in both men and women.1-5 Relative increases in levels of the 2-hydroxylation pathway metabolites are associated with decreased risk.1,6


How can the results be clinically useful?

Knowing the 2/16 ratio is clinically important since estrogen metabolism may be modified by a variety of dietary and lifestyle changes, including, but not limited to:

- exercise

- smoking cessation

- cruciferous vegetables

- essential fatty acids

- flaxseed 7-11

What other profiles can offer insight into Estrogen Metabolism?

The Estrogen Metabolism Assessment profile is a sub-panel of two other available urinary hormone profiles:

- Complete Hormones is our most comprehensive urinary profile. It assesses parent hormones, downstream metabolites, methylation and enzymatic activity, and other key metabolic pathways. An evaluation of stress-hormone metabolism is also provided as an assessment of anabolic and catabolic balance.

- Essential Estrogens is a targeted, focused evaluation of estrogen metabolism, including parent estrogens, key estrogen metabolites, and ratios.

Both are available as a first morning void sample or 24-hour collection for those on hormone therapy. Genetic single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are available as add-ons to these profiles for a combined genotypic and phenotypic assessment.       


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Test Type: Urine Test


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