GI Test Kit

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GI Test Kit


Diagnos-Techs’ GI Health Panels are a group of non-invasive screens of the gastrointestinal tract and its function. The GI-1-Gastrointestinal Panel ™ and GI-2-Gastrointestinal Panel ™ measure 15 or 22 individual, yet related tests utilizing saliva and stool specimens.


Additional panels include:
FIP-Food Intolerance Panel™ consisting of the four most common intolerance tests:
- Gluten
- Soy
- Milk
- Egg proteins


The GP9-S-Ova & Parasites Panel™ consisting of:
- Ova & Parasites
- Giardia Ag
- Cryptosporidium Ag
- Amoeba detection-saliva


The GP10-S-Ova & Parasites Panel™ consisting of:
- All of the GP9-S tests
- H.pylori Ab-saliva


Upon purchase of this exam, you are able to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Bob to discuss your results.


Refund Policy: Due to the nature and integrity of our suppliers, all sales of testing services are final and non-refundable. Thank you.


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