Iodine Test (Dry Urine)

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Iodine Test (Dry Urine)


Advantages of Dried Urine for Iodine Testing

• Urine collection and shipment of the dried filter strips are simple and convenient for the patient and practitioner.

• Dual collections of urine directly on a filter strip, upon awakening and just before bed, are far more convenient and less subject to the inherent inaccuracies of a 24 hr urine collection.

• Iodine and creatinine in dried urine are exceptionally stable for weeks at room temperature allowing more flexibility in collection, shipment, testing, and storage.

• Iodine results expressed in μg iodine per liter urine and per mg creatinine helps to normalize results when problems exist with urine that is very concentrated or dilute.

• Iodine testing allows for determination of iodine status based on CDC and WHO guidelines for thyroid sufficiency, as well as extra-thyroidal sufficiency.


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