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Male Hormone Panel

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Male Hormone Panel


Panel Benefits


There are five distinct ways that you can benefit from using the saliva tests in the Male Hormone Panel:


- They are affordable and less expensive than blood or urine tests. You save $250 - $300 on seven hormones.

- The collection procedure spares you from the bio-hazards and pain of venipunctures.

- Results are more clinically reflective of your hormone status and needs.

- Results can lead to an individualized and customized treatment plan using natural hormones.

- You will minimize overdosing and under-dosing. This will ensure that you use only the proper hormones in the appropriate amounts. With salivary hormone testing, guesswork is minimized.

- Use the Male Hormone Panel to help restore well-being, vitality and passion for life.

- Taking hormones without an evaluation of the actual need for specific hormones entails risks that are both serious and unnecessary.

- With two additional tests for LH and FSH, our expanded Male Hormone Panel can accurately identify.


Upon purchase of this exam, you are able to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Bob to discuss your results. 


Refund Policy: Due to the nature and integrity of our suppliers, all sales of testing services are final and non-refundable. Thank you.


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