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Dr. Bob's Guide to Prevent Surgery - PDF

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Dr. Bob's Guide to Prevent Surgery - PDF


Americans desire to obtain optimal health in their lives, but in actuality, they spend more and more on healthcare without any improvement. One avenue some may consider is to seek out surgical removal or replacement of important body parts to live life the way it used to be. However, if these initial symptoms are not addressed post-surgery, they not only will return, but the results may be more severe.


Noticing this trend, Dr. Bob DeMaria has laid a foundation from forty years of experience to help patients and those around the world with preventative measures, so they will never need to have an unnecessary surgery in the first place.


Popular Surgeries Dr. Bob Discusses Include:








In addition to the body parts Dr. Bob writes about, there’s also a detailed index on iodine, detoxification, and an anti-inflammation diet.


We know this book will make a positive impact in your life! Make sure to use the #’s, #PreventSurgery and #DoNotRemove on social media, and to take Dr. Bob (@DruglessDoctor).


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