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Dr. Bob's Guide to Prevent Surgery

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Dr. Bob's Guide to Prevent Surgery


“Successful surgery,” with its potential for collateral damage, is actually an oxymoron; a successful surgery is one that never needed to occur.”


Were you ever told you needed a surgery that you later found out was unnecessary? The truth is, many of the surgeries performed each year can be prevented. This book will help you avoid going under the knife, through time-tested nutritional advice and drugless protocols that address cause rather than symptoms.


In-Depth Chapters on 20 of Today’s Most Popular Surgeries, Including:




If you consistently have shortness of breath, left-arm pain, and heaviness in your chest, start applying the steps to prevent any heart-related surgery.




Over half a million gallbladder removal operations are performed each year in the United States. This chapter includes body signals of a compromised gallbladder and the steps for healing it naturally.




Your thyroid is essential for optimal cellular function, including mental stability, blood sugar consistency, hair integrity, and much more. Learn how to keep it functioning optimally, and how to stay healthy if it has been surgically removed.


Bonus Content:


-Is iodine deficiency the modern-day scurvy?

-The anti-inflammation diet

-How to use a castor-oil pack




“What I appreciated and respect about Dr. Bob’s perspective is that he provides us with simple and natural steps we can start today for a healthier tomorrow.” - Selina DeLangre, President & CEO of Selina Naturally, home of the Celtic Sea Salt Brand.


“I can happily report that my body responded well to Dr. Bob’s treatment and began to health without resorting to surgery!” - Darla W.


Individual #PreventSurgery Chapters Available for $1.00 Each

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Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Cataract Surgery


Ear Tube Surgery

Fibroid Surgery

Gallbladder Removal Surgery

Heart Surgery

Hiatal Hernia Surgery

Hip Replacement Surgery

Joint, Tendon, & Bursa Surgery

Nail Removal Surgery

Ovary Removal Surgery

Prostate Surgery

Sinus Surgery

Sleep Apnea

Surgery for Skin Lesions & Swollen Veins

Spinal Surgery

Thyroid Surgery



Related Lab Testing

Thyroid Serum Panel

Omega Oils Serum Profile

Adrenal Stress Index

OptiChem Profile


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  • 5
    Book - Guide to Prevent Surgery

    Posted by James Sherman on 15th Dec 2020

    This book has changed my life. I highlighted a lot of phrases and sentences on foods I need to be eating. As I am almost 62 years old, I need to continue to modify what I eat and this book took it off the charts. I have a few doctors wanting me to go the medicine route, etc.; but I turned them all down; knowing there was a practical way to get healthier. This book nailed it for me. Thank YOU Dr Bob!

  • 5
    Life Changing

    Posted by Sharon Kurins on 30th Nov 2016

    The information in this book is refreshing and tangible. It is a book I am highly recommending to friends because it's content is so valuable to prevent wrong decisions. Way to go Dr. Bob.