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Dr. Bob's Men's Health-The Basics (Audio)

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Dr. Bob's Men's Health-The Basics (Audio)



Introducing Dr. Bob’s first audio book! You can now listen while traveling, exercising, or making meals!  


"Forty-five percent of men today, do not even have a primary physician." -Esquire Magazine


Men, it is time to get SERIOUS about your health. Let Dr. Bob's book for the everyman be your blueprint.


Basic-ly you will learn how to:


- Stop heart disease

- "Cancer Proof" your life

- Increase libido without medication


“Dr. Robert DeMaria-‘The Drugless Doctor’-is a breath of fresh air when it comes to health and well-being. His approach to health care is simple, direct, and it absolutely works. Toss all those trendy books and stick with what can change your life.” –Phil Cooke, Ph.D., Media Consult and Author of Jolt! Get the Jump on a World That’s Constantly Changing & Unique.



Individual Men’s Health Chapters Available for $1.00 Each


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Hormones 101


Balancing Male Hormones


Attack Heart Attacks and High Blood Pressure


Facts about Fat


No More Pain


Reach and Maintain Your Normal Weight


The Truth about Trans Fat


The Liver: Your Body’s Filter


How to Prevent Cancer


“Mr. ED”: Managing Erectile Dysfunction


Are You Stimulating Your Partner?


It’s More Than “On, In and Out”


Your Adrenal Glands: The Most Important Body Part You’ve Never Heard Of


Pause for a Second


The Other ‘Roid


Sweeteners: “Dr. Bob Approved” and Not Approved


The Page Fundamental Diet Plan


Your Health Transition


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