Dr. Bob's Men's Health-The Basics (Audio)

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We are living in an age where an abundance of technologies have absorbed the extra time in our day, using up moments we might otherwise spend engaging in exercise and other optimal health pursuits. So many men come into my clinical practice having lived a life of reckless abandon but are now hoping to return to normal with a natural potion or two, believing they have somehow been granted the same nine lives and extended warranties found in the video games they enjoy playing. I want to recognize and give kudos to all the men who have lived this way in the past but have now made the wise and unselfish decision to not only change and improve their health but also impact the health of their families and loved ones. I am witnessing more and more men with a newfound health consciousness who want to get better and even read books, including my Men’s Health - The Basics. I hope it makes a difference in your life!


‘Basic’-ly You Will Learn How To:


-Stop Heart Disease

-”Cancer Proof” your life

-Increase your libido without medication

-Live Pain Free

-Discover foods that enhance life




“Dr. Bob has taught me the importance of a balanced diet. As a result, my bodily pain has reduced tremendously, I have felt consistently healthy and my body moves smoothly without any stiff joints, and I have lost weight. I have also noticed an increased amount of energy - I am not fatigued anymore. I just love the fact that I can be healthy without medications! I’m amazed at how Dr. Bob has tied it all together, proving to me that our bodies have the inherent ability to heal themselves. I do know, however, that I need to keep up my optimal living habits if I want to stay at this level.” - Andrew S.


“I have learned my things from Dr. Bob. I had previously been taking aspirin and garlic pills to reduce my cholesterol. Dr. Bob suggested a reduced-carb diet would help lower my cholesterol and it did - by 30 points! He also stressed how important the right diet is for good health, especially reducing sugar. Since following Dr. Bob’s suggestions, I’ve been maintaining a strong immune system and a drug-free life. I appreciate having an excellent resource in Dr. Bob for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.” - Pat D.


“I used to take at least 1500 Tylenol a year and get frequent ear and sinus infections. By getting regular adjustments from Dr. Bob and eating right, I haven’t had Tylenol in over 12 years. The pain in my body has been reduced 100 percent and my energy has increased. After 30 years of marriage, our intimate life is still going strong. If you just try Dr. Bob’s suggestions, I think you will be amazed by what he knows and how much he really does care about you.” - David W.



Individual Men’s Health Chapters Available for $1.00 Each


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Hormones 101


Balancing Male Hormones


Attack Heart Attacks and High Blood Pressure


Facts about Fat


No More Pain


Reach and Maintain Your Normal Weight


The Truth about Trans Fat


The Liver: Your Body’s Filter


How to Prevent Cancer


“Mr. ED”: Managing Erectile Dysfunction


Are You Stimulating Your Partner?


It’s More Than “On, In and Out”


Your Adrenal Glands: The Most Important Body Part You’ve Never Heard Of


Pause for a Second


The Other ‘Roid


Sweeteners: “Dr. Bob Approved” and Not Approved


The Page Fundamental Diet Plan


Your Health Transition


Downloadable PDF’s


Related Lab Testing

Thyroid Serum Panel

Omega Oils Serum Profile

Adrenal Stress Index

Male Hormone Panel

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